About Us & Where We Are

A few words About Us

We were looking for two hectares of land and a couple of apartments when we came across Villa Amica, and we immediately knew it was the right place for our project “The Kodama Project.
2023 is our first year running this wonderful place, and we are building the foundation to create a sustainable agritourism business guided by permaculture principles.
Biodynamic farming, educational courses and self-production are some of the goals we have set to achieve in the coming years to make this place, not just a vacation centre, but a meeting point for exchanging ideas, and knowledge and having fun.


Tel: 379 1971730 / 3452333813
Email: kodamapermavillage@gmail.com
Open all year round


Located in the Park area on a hillside abutting the Scialmarino beachfront, the Villa Amica boasts a strategic location within a short distance from various places of interest and recreation.

Places of Interest

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