1. It is possible to bring your own dog, with prior notification to be made at the same time as the reservation request.
  2. There is no additional charge for the dog’s stay.
  3. The dog’s behavior should be managed by the owner so as not to disturb other guests or inconvenience other dogs.
  4. The owner remains responsible for any damage caused to people, other dogs and/or the facility.
  5. Dogs can be left alone in the accommodations, as long as they remain confined to the outdoor spaces (balcony or veranda) with which each apartment is equipped.
  6. Any use of the beddings and towels provided by us for the dog is prohibited.
  7. It is forbidden to let the dog on beds, armchairs, chairs and tables.
  8. Owners must have the materials to remove their dogs’ droppings and dispose of them in the special container placed next to the various trash bins near the entrance.
  9. Dogs are allowed in the swimming-pool area, but are absolutely not allowed to swim.
  10. Owners must remove any hair on beds, sofas and other surfaces inside the apartment. In case this is not done, an additional 20€ will be added to the final cleaning fee.


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